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Private detective Sai gon VDT - Vietdetection and Trading Company Limited is the name Vietnam’s first private detective District 4 was established on 02 May 2006 06. Around the first time people sai gon are very afraid of known as detective Ben Van Don

The hard life of poor people have got on detective headquarter VDT HCM like friends, neighbors, and relatives. Detective company VDT 4 district grow up from company’s experience. This company has got a business license from HCM Department of Planning and Investment and is the first company that work in the field: providing information service.

VDT has an apparatus professional working such as good directors, good secretaries, good detectives… Our society needs many high quality detective companies and VDT is proud of its quality. The partner of company is business companies, overseas Vietnamese, foreign organizations. They use company service and comment that it’s very useful in society nowadays.

The  headquarter  is located in Thai Ha ward, Ha Noi capital. VDT is famous for quality and reliability.

Now, VDT has presented in Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Da Nang and Sai Gon. The companies have professional staffs who can work in many fields such as marriage, economic, business, etc…. VDT has helped police force in many crime case, helped many individuals and organizations resolve many problems that they cannot predict consequences.


Detective VDT 4 district welcomed in 2012 with a new system of professional, based in the apartment Khanh Hoi I Building, 360c Ben Van Don, that’s where the path is easy and convenient way between the center . The change of modern civilization has changed Ben Van Don became the heart of the city

Detective company VDT 4 district, always listening and sharing with you.

Your presence is a great pleasure of  VDT

Gratitude for the respect.

The leader of VDT

Add : Flat B3- 6,  Khanh Hoi I Building, Ward 1,  District 4, Ben Van Don Road,  HCM City.

Tel : 08. 3945. 3448  – Fax: 08. 3945. 3448

Hotline : 0913.031.525

Website :

Email :


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