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Phuc was terriblely shocked at the fact that the child he was bringing up is not his genuine bred child. This fact was discovered only when Saigon VDT private detective gave a hand. Looking at the ADN test result “ Not a ather and his bred son”, Phuc immediately felt shocked and dizzy.

Executive Director of VDT detective company said that there was about 90% of customers are men, from different provinces. 100% of these  wanted to know if they are raising / breeding or going to raise  their  real children or not. However, the ADN test  results show up to 30% of  fathers who are raising children for someone else!

VDT company private detective recounted many memorable stories, sad and happy, that they have experienced while doing the  AND tests.

Raising  achild over 20 years for someone else


With his family and his  neighbors ’ suspect as well as their rumors, a  customer came to VDT private detectives’ Services to ask for help to monitor his wife. He said that  he wanted to have the answers for his mind  bearing questions that / which, according to him, a husband has for his  wife when seeing her unusual signs. As expected, after spending times to monitor and definite the wife,  the detectives discovered that his wife had a dubious relationship. With the consulting of VDTdetective company , to have an overview and  to be precise, the husband decided to  take  ADN test over his child to find the answer/ to unveil the fact.

The  husband was so nervous waiting for the result, because he hoped that the probability of “the fact” would be extremely low, even without any percentage. However, when holding and looking at the ADN test result: “ Not a father and his son”, he immediately felt shocked and dizzy.

The husband does not believe his eyes and demanded to have  the test again.  Seeing the identical results, the husband flew into a fit of madness  and  blamed himself for foolishly “cuckolded” the child over 20 years for someone else without knowing anything. Having the information provided by the detectives, he quickly went home to deal with his wife. His wife then confessed  that she once had sex with other men.

Although he was  very painful, he  still thought that  he had to  have a child of his own so he found a woman and gave her money to hire her giving birth a child for him. Fortunately, the right child is a son as he wanted. However, because he suspected that the woman he hired could have sex with other man right after his time’s, so he took a stump of omphalic of the child to have ADN test. He  also required to get the answer within one day (the price was 5-times higher). When he picked up the results in hand, he was glad and felt  peaceful in bringing the child home to raise. Now, the child was 2 years old.

However, not every man getting results of genuine breed father and the son /daughter also expressed joy. This often created many funny scenes.

Thu’s case is an example . Thu, 20-year-old girl, had  unfaithful relationship  with a very rich man who was already married  and had three daughters. This man had a great hope that Thu would give birth a son for him, because he longed for a guy to continue his patrilocality. This, his wife could not do.

During Thu’s pregnancy, no sooner had the man enjoyed the great joy when he  discovered Thu siphoned money from his pocket into her young lover. He began to doubt the pregnancy and the foetus in Thu’s abdomen. However, he did not “take the angry that loose the wisdom”. Waiting for Thu finished giving birth, he then took both ofthem, Thu’s young lover and the baby, to have  ADN test.

Just waiting for the results, he also clasped his hands quietly prayed: “May the son be precisely my genuine breed.” However, God does not spoil man’s hopes. . Adversatively, the young man ( Thu’s lover) was indifferent to the child,  and this made the rich man who was so sorry still had to go away.

Similar to this great man,  there was other rich man who requring three times of AND tests but each time with different child.  Unfortunately, he was not the father of the  three children at all. In contrast, there was a lucky man that all three  times of testing were all his genuine breed!

Help friend, discover….his false breed chid

There are many sources that leed the fathers bring children to a ADN test, and  the  most common reason, according to information disclosed, come from discovering the adultary of his wife which caused suspect of  everrything . Besise,  when the father recognized that his child does not look like him, he then had a demand for AND test. However, there are those who are helping other people and so discovered the awful truth.

Saigon VDT detective tells about a case which   beyond her imagination, and colleagues. Tuan loved Lan  and thay had a child before getting married. To convince family and legalized the  child, Tuan admitted the child is   his own breed. His family did not believe, they requires  the results of ADN tests to come to a agreement.

Tuan thought of  a solution to this problem. He asked his friend, Hai, to take Hai’s child  to have the test by the name of Tuan and Lan in the parents’ column , then he would get this result brought to his  family to see. Hai happily accepted Tuan’s request. Unfortunately, when getting  the result, Hai himself “shocked” because  his child whom he  embraces  every day is not his own breed.

“He asked me to call Tuan to pick up  because he was too shocked  to stand.” Said the detective. Doing the  DNA testing for many people, VDT private detective office in HCM  disclosed  that there were cases in which the detectives themselve did not actually imagine the stories that  were so incredible.

Having doubt that their  daughter-inlaw  continuing a relationship for a long time with others but there is no evidence, Mr and Mrs. Minh  decided to take their 2 grandchilidren to have  DNA tested. Both of them as wellas their son     (Dung) certainly believed  that the 6 years old child  is their breed blood, but they were not sure about the 2-year-old daughter.

Since Dung loved his  2-year-old daughter too much  so he even suggested the center to slowdown  to take longer for results. He was afraid to face the awful fact (if it happens) the  … But after testing, the result showed that  the two children were not his breed children at all !
Looking at the picture of the only daughter in his wallet, Dung exclaimed: “I  too painful! , is there any guy  like me?”.
Too shocked at  this unbelievable incident, his family decided to try cross-Dung grandfather. The results showed that Dung is Minh’s right son , but  the two children are not related to his grandfather!


When bringing this fact to the  family, Dung’s  wife calmly acknowledged. His wife even continued to show  her “brave, bloody face,” while bringing the story to the newspapers to ask about distribution of compensation for the property, of care, the v.. V …

The tragedies comes from ADN

Having been exposed to thousands of customers, VDT private detective in HCM city said that the  first reaction of the fathers who getting  the truth are often very shocked, very negative.
“They are thrilled to hold the result. Then someone shouted for their  ”Investing in the right place”, some  showed a sharp change in his  faces and  sat down, his head on the table and sobbed. Then devoured nagging  the woman who has no conscience so had deceived the whole family, and clan “.

There are some fathers coming out from the laboratory went  straight to a bar nearby because of their incontinence. As selling experience near the center of a A DN test, the pub owner had to “smart invited” guests who then were in a state of being “excited” out.

Knowing that  the customers would have a negative reaction so the  detective company, when  authorized to be representative, work with the center  to require  customerto  commit not  to disrupt, harass at the center, not to affect the lives of families and people around.

“Whatever they do I also understandable, because they only want to have  true happiness. That kind of  truth is hard to accept , even unacceptable. There are many people  who can not accept the truth have  emerged thinking about suicide. “

According to the sourse from HCM city’s detective office , the female detective  would know the family’s evolution through the  stories of their own customers. Many people can not live with each other, even if they  try , it would be hard be be happy.

However, there are men who know the truth though still living with their  wives, and their children , hidden the awful and shocked stories in order to give  these  wives a chance;

VDT private detective services
provide expertise Gen – A DN to identify human body (blood) service investigation agency proceedings as well as other civil needs (children disputes, division of property inheritance, relatives identified or  the remains/ bones ) …


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