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Hanoi lawfirm - Based on the Decree no 68/2002/ND-CP of Government about the adoptation to foreigner ( including Vietnamese in abroad) regulated that :

1.      Adopter:

-         Adopter has to meet all conditions following the family law of Vietnam:

+ Fully civil capability.

+ Oder than adoptive child at least 20 years.

+ Good conduct.

+ Having fully capability to bring  the adoptive child or children up.

+ If adopter is a couple, they must be sex discrimination and agree together.

+ Adopter must not be subjects with limited rights such as parent having limited rights to the children not reach their maturity, or verdicted parent but still not being erased criminal record of intended violation to children;s life, helth, dignity…

-         Adopter must be suited follwing such subjects:

+ Being a citizen of the countries which’s signed bilateral agreement with Vietnam or international treaty as Vietnam is a member.

+ Adopter residing in Vietnam from at least 6 month could ask to adopt the named orphan or disadvantaged in an accurate family.

+ Adopter could ask to adopt the named child in an accurate family if they are relatives of the child.

2.    Healthcare lawyers- Adoptive child:

-         Children living in orphanage

-         Orphan and disadvantaged children.

-          Vietnamese children living abroad or children havng no nationality.

-         A doptive must be under 15 years old, in case of disadvantaged or mental children is under 16 years old.

3.    Vietnam business laws -  Procedures:

Adopter must supply by oneself application to The international agency for adoptation ot through overseas egency for adoptation in Vietnam. Documents including:

-         Adoptation application form.

-         A copy of passport or equivalent papers.

-         Valid permit of  a nation granting for the adopter to accept one to adopt a child.

-         Health certificate.

-         Income certificate.

-         Police report.

-         Approval paper of the parents or guardian ( parents is dead, lost civil capability or unknown); In case adoptive child is more than 9 years old must have his approval.

4. Consultancy - After examining the documents the international agency for adoption shall supply those to the provincial justice department where the adoptive child is living; the provinvial justice department shall send to provincial people committee.


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