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Together with social development and market economy trend, many businesses and families have participated in the development of the country. However in the first steps in business establishment, organization and management their confusion is unavoidable. Families have entangled themselves in child education and marriage relationship. And Viet-detection and trading limited company (VDT) was established.

Vietnam investigation – In spire of narrow legal corridor, VDT  is licensed to operate to serve social needs as well as every class from North to South in Vietnam. In respect of family or couple happiness, children, economic, business as well as social class information, some families are living with suspicion about marriage relationship, which they may not know how to reduce. In children education, for gaining money they may not control where their children go and what they do out of their schools’ management. And how are their relations with their fellows, school-mates? For children who are never away from home, if in external contacts they get affected or depraved at the unmatured age? To answer these questions, VDT is a source which provides information to those who concern, gathering, seeking and supplying to help them get rid of doubts in family life. In child education, parents should have their own orientations and methods.

In unhappy or broken families or ones lack of right education, children have ebullient thoughts, resulting in their leaving home, indulging in play, or loitering about with bad friends without education from their families. VDT staff will come as a brother, sister or a close friend to educate children with their sympathy and enthusiasm to help them be aware of and evaluate living and studying environment in order to have sense of bettering themselves and of realizing their rights and obligations in the family.

How is it in society? The economy is developing in a large-scale with various modes. Not only domestic but foreign businesses are headache to cope with transactions of legal services. How businesses develop their operation, how recruitment staff select personnel, how to search and select partners before signing contracts or settling disputes, etc. VDT is a reliable friend helping you with information you need.

Hanoi investigation -VDT is a confident address absolutely ensuring customers’ prestige as well as information security regulations in economics, education, civil affairs and family and marriage as well.

* The company has following forms of activity:
1. Consultancy and supply of information on concerned issues.
2. Consultancy, gathering and supply of information in Economics, Civil affairs, Marriage and Family.
3. Management, control of minors and adolescents, supply of information on home away relatives on bad relations which may lead to social evils
4. Search of evidence for defense and appeal process. Restoration of materials, evidence of copyright infringement or false evidence, mistakes in civil, economic cases, verification out of proceedings for images, identification of handwriting system , typing system, printing, fingerprints, documents, bonds, verification of gems, antiques, auditing and identification of businesses’ economic state.
5. Seeking for guardians, lost information , missing, home-leaving individuals, looking for lost papers and assets, search of proof for partner understanding, dispute settlement, instituting divorce proceedings (asset distribution, child custody)
6. Helping give up drug addiction and rejoin in community, discovery of behaviors of harassing and infringing private life affecting others’ honor and dignity, etc.




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