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Saigon Private   Detective -  “I want to be away from home for few days” – Hearing that  natural announcement from their son, the parents’ faces  also turned to be “green face” with anxiety.
Their S.O.S came to Saigon private detective services  (Ho Chi Minh City Office detectives) then the detectives went on a new mission … “playful esteemed son”.

As an ”esteemed son”( spoil child) of a famous family business in Cholon, from childhood to teenager,  D’s every demand was met by his parents. In order to get his parents’ belief, D   always sounded to try to learn hard. But in fact, most of the time he ”prio” for gaming, watching movies, gathering …Because of “hard playing” and, not worrying about learning, D failed to graduate.

Put all their faith in the son, D’s  parents almost petrified  when receiving the results of the guy. Could not avoid being  angry, D’s father  loudly scolded D, and his  mother was  constantly complaining about the weakness of the child. Suffering  from these “hot wars”, D tried to flee aways from  his parents by leaving home to go out. Even some days he went home on the status of drunk. The more his parents scold, the more  D became obstinate and went on to play more. Recently, D ”send words” to go away for some time ” for “so parents do not have to grieve for me anymore. Failling in making the son to follow  their advice, D’s parent decided to come to the private detective for help.

Suddenly have friend

From the information of the parent that D was going toNha Trang  by train, immediately, the action plan are outlined: two detectives came first and”lies” in the  place waiting for D to come, while others review control the relationship of D inNha Trang, H, a female detective posing aspassenger on the train who was on the way home to visit her family. The journey from HCMC to Nha Trang was around 8 hours. On the train, D seemed to be rather quiet, just looking out the window thoughtfully.

Cleverly, detective H “occupied” the seat near D’s so it was easy and convenient to observe D. The ship rolling and past the city, H targeted approach by asking to borrow his phone’s battery charger. The guy shook his head. ”Do you have the head phone?” – being so gentle the girl. This time, H agreed by a smile. 30 minutes later, H gave his earphone back and started talking. The conversation between two people who have just met became more and more open. It was not difficult for H to touch the heart of the boy. During the journey to Nha Trang, D did not hide the excitement as  he had met  a person, who could understandand and was willing to share with him. D became more joyful when H volunteered to be the tour guide for him. The two then exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch.

Loosing the target
When the train arrived in Nha Trang, D left the station and  took a taxi to the hotel. Meanwhile, the two detectives followed behind. The taxi parked in front of a mini hotel on Tran Phu, D entered. The two detectives as ”tail” breathed properly because that was the address which D had   revealed to H.

By 19 pm, as the  appointment, D would call  H so that she would  take him  out for a tour. However, when it was at the mean time, H’s phone was still silent. At 19:30, there was no signal either. H decided to call D, but what H  heard was only the busy signal.  H  immediately ”fly” to the hotel where  D had entered, There, H, and her colleagues were nearly  fell unconscious when the receptionist told them  that D had already moved because he sneared at the room- “it is too small!” The detectives  began to felt impatient. One hypothesis was given: this was  the first time to  Nha Trang, so   D must have  found  a hotel which was not far away.

Bearing that thought in minds,  the detective team walked  along Tran Phu road, ask the hotels there  for the target. However, the object was particularly dark. At nearly 21 pm,  being tired, anxious, persistent teen detectives went to some entertainment places, coffee bars to find D. However, they still got no  clues of D.  Late at night, the detective heading back to rest and plan for tomorrow’s : Continue to amusemen tparks.

The next day, 6: 15 am,  H’s  phone  rang. The call was from D.  He phoned to  invite  H  to go out and  apologized for his  over sleep  that night. He also told H that  his  phone  was out of power so he could not  contact H. During the tourguide  round the coastal city, H did  not forget her duty which was  to talk to make  D  understand the concerns, worries of parents. And with a mouth”flexible turn” of her,  H had  succeeded in persuading  D back home.

A happy ending
The mission had ended, but D’s  parents  still wanted to maintain the  friendship between the female detective and their son  to help the  guy continue to strive in school. But one day, found that D seems to ”fall in love” with her, H  tacfully confessed to him the   the tasks  before and   H expected they should only be  good friends of each other. Understood the story, D happily agreed and  gave up his turning  H into a ”special friend”. Back in the arms of his parents, sometimes, during the family meals , D still think about the cute H and quietly  thank the person who had brought him back to his nest.

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