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Interviewing Detective Minh Long Nguyen on New Year’s Day

“Social needs are extremely great!”

Detective MLN was born in 1976 and graduated from Ha Noi Law University. He currently works as a lawyer of Ha Noi attorney group as well as the Director of Viet-Detection and Trading co., Ltd (VDT), majoring in private detective area. By 2008, he has had nearly 10 years of experience in detective work although VDT has just been established for 3 years. On New Year’s Day, the journalist of “??i s?ng và gia ?ình” (Life and Family) has an interview with him, who is known as “the 2nd detective baron” in Viet Nam.

vietnam detective – tham tu tu VDT – Detective,

JOURNALIST: Detective is a new and delicate field in VN as Vietnam legal system has not accepted it yet. What are the disadvantages and advantages which you have faced during work?

Director Minh Long Nguyen (Director Long): For freshmen, it is a great challenge because the detective work requires high preservation of secrecy. The detective information is only known by detectives and their clients. While a policeman or a reporter could collect information by conducting investigations conspicuously with the assistance of legal system, a private detective himself has to gather information and stand security for the information by his own capability and experience. A detective requires to have thinking ability and to be completely active. One another disadvantage is the complexity of society represented by the faint line between law-breaking and law-abiding. It depends on the professional ethics of detectives. In foreign countries, there have been obvious laws for detective area while in VN; its standard depends on experience, knowledge and work managing capacity of detectives. They must know how to do their job properly so that they do not encroach on investigative areas and do not break the laws.

Our advantage is great needs of society. Nowadays besides the fact that people have concerned about their development, they have become more pragmatic. While in the past, for example, parents only worried about how to make their children sufficient, now they additionally want to know how to keep their children far from social evils.

JOURNALIST: Could you tell us who are your major subjects?

DIRECTOR LONG: Our major subjects are currently minors accounting for 40% of the Vietnam population. Education and right care from their parents are important and crucial. In some cases, the children will take a risk if their small demands are not known and met by their parents. Many parents often give their children no money without thinking about their own needs. Our company ever pursued a case in which a small girl prostituted herself to have money. When her parents knew the truths, they could not intervene because of protectors of the prostitute organization. Eventually, we had to co-operate with the police to rescue her. Moreover, we also observe pupils and students according to their parents’ orders in order to uncover the facts about them. As we know, juveniles need orienting towards a right life the most, yet many parents, especially reputed ones, do not know the reasons for their children’ strange signs such as laziness in study, vagabond or addiction to drugs. There are many reasons but the main one is that they have no time for their children.

JOURNALIST: Apart from juvenile’s matters, your company also works in marriage and family areas. Would you please to give your comments to modern families?

DIRECTOR LONG: In fact, most of youths live freely and sometimes they look their life mistakenly. However as long as they do not lose traditions completely, we could understand them since they live in the integration period of the country. Many of them believe that they will have better thoughts and choices while the older generation cannot agree with them. Therefore, antagonistic contradictions occur in families unintentionally.

JOURNALIST: Does the detective work bring sadness or joys to you?

DIRECTOR LONG: You will have sad and joyful memories in any work. For a detective, the joy is to draw the lessons and experiences for freshmen. It is also to help the parents find their children, pull them out of social evils and understand them more. There were some cases in which we had to mobilize all detectives to take part. Pursuing the cases, we detected a lot of problems further than what the parents told or our initial predictions. Conversely, the restriction of knowledge level of some business parents made us sad. They did not co-operate to support the work properly. Furthermore, many of them have used their money to control their children without thinking about whether or not their children could become good thanks to the money.

JOURNALIST: Have you ever thought of the case that clients use your own detective information to sue you? For example, when they suspect the exactness of information?

DIRECTOR LONG: This is one of professional factors. Vietnam laws have not allowed us to investigate into private lives, so we avoid doing it but perform physical surveillance. In order to obtain the belief of clients, we would provide them information by taking video or still photographs to document the activity and they could check them.

JOURNALIST: It is said that detectives find the truths in order to sell them. In your opinion, then those truths make clients sadder or happier?

DIRECTOR LONG: There are both. However we do not only bring the truths to clients but also become their friends as well as their advisors. Due to working in the law field, we could orientate to help them solve their problems legally. Therefore most of the work has been finished effectively. It is the most joyful for a detective. “Never Give Up” is our target!

JOURNALIST: Thanks for your talk. I hope that your company would become a reliable address for everyone.

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