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(Dantri) – At 9:30 am on September 2nd. I was informed that there were customers asking for my urgent help. A married couple came into my office with the face not showing that they were on holiday of National Day 9/2.


Giving a scolding to the children everyday

The director of the private directive office started the story with the reporter: The husband kept calm to tell with slow voice: They had two sons, both of whom were obedient. The older son aged 12 was a good pupil of a secondary school in the city. Since he was small, his father let him approach a computer as he worked in a foreign agency, having conditions to get in touch with foreign education methods.


They both cared about the children, strictly in their study and spent time playing with them. However, due to his career which required him to be away frequently, he did not have much time on the children. He just called home to remind and advise them.


She was a mother who paid much attention to the children. She often saw them disobey her. Therefore, she always scolded them, especially the oldest son.


Dat was inherently an intelligent and obedient child. At school, he used to be an excellent pupil. However, at home, Mrs. Van, his mother, often found him very headstrong. Dat used to sit in front of the computer screen since he came back home from school until she asked him to the meals or to take a bath. He still ensured his study but his pair of short-sighted glasses was thicker and thicker.


From worries to angers, Mrs. Van always shouted at him. She did not expect that her regular scolding made him very sad. Dat always thought that why his parents could consider him a leftover one. He was neither a bad person nor his parents’ karma. Therefore, he decided to leave home.


Before going away, he left a letter in which he told the whole thoughts of a 12-year-old boy. Due to sensitiveness and delicacy, I would not show the content of the letter. However, we just know that few people could keep their tears when understanding the love of a small child for his parents, of an older brother for his younger brother.

A happy ending


After seizing the content of the problem, I urgently mobilized a group of personnel majoring in looking for children. The 1st thing we were interested in was the reason for the child’s intention of leaving home. Two expected ones were that either he got sulky with his parents or he was fond of playing game.


All seeking directions were developed to game gathering places and others where the boy might go. Every supposed situation was raised. He might be enticed by bad people. He might go out with his friends on the occasion of the National Day.


After an unsuccessfully seeking day, the married couple couldn’t sleep well. I myself who directly handled the case also had no thoughts of taking a rest. All of us had the same thought that how to find Dat as soon as possible. Out of the parents’ arms, many dangers were about to rush down any time. Moreover, a new school year was also coming.


On the 2nd seeking day, based on our work experience, we traced what Dat left when going away. A game-addicted youth near a central area said that he saw a boy like the one in the picture.


At the same time, I got the information that a motor driver took him to a place to which he used to go. He also did not know where Dat went then. We at once strengthened the force and paid much attention to the area.


About 2 hours later, a seeking direction reported that a boy at the same age as Dat was identified to be wandering near a net shop. However, this boy looked thinner and more suntanned. I directly went to the informed area.


Based on the work experience, we were sure that was just Dat. Surprisingly, when we gently came near him and asked: “Are you Dat?” he answered quickly: “No, I’m not. I’m Nam”. Not giving up, we continued to follow Dat closely and informed his father on the other hand. Then they went there in a hurry.


Right after that, the parents and the child met each other. What was so happy, Mrs. Van burst out crying while the father was standing still. Their son looked thinner and much more suntanned only after two nights outside.


After having a talk with us in the office, the married couple knew how to do. Instead of shouting at the child severely, they gently took him home. Perhaps they were sufficient to what had happened for the last two days and nights.


Lan Huong

Part 3: Detectives’ experience in children’s leaving home for a life like dust…

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