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VDT private detective Saigon- By the fourth night, at about more than one o’clock in the morning, Mrs. Ha suddenly heard quiet noises while she was on the terrace. Looking down, she was so panicked when she saw her daughter was clinging to the rope swing slide from the second floor balcony to the ground

Mrs. Ha felt a shy when she retold the story about her 18 year-old daughter to the detectives: “that night, it was so hot and…that she could not sleep so she went up stare to see if her daughter needed to turn on the air conditioner. Seeing her daughter sleeping soundly with the blanket covered from head to foot, she thought: “Oh my God! It is so hot but my daughter cover the blanket like this! How fool is the grown up girl!”. Coming up to pull off the blanket in order to cool her daughter, Mrs. Ha startled seeing that under the blanket was not her daughter but the long pillow!

Mrs. Ha tried to keep calm and started to seek her daughter round the four- floor house but she could not find her. Mrs. Ha then try to contact her daughter via the mobile phone, but it was switched off. She really wanted to call her husband up to report the incident but she was afraid of his hot temper. How thing would go with her daughter if he knew this serious fact! Walking around the room with the feeling of burning with impatient, Being so tired, she dozed off at 4 o’clock on the foot-stairs and woke up when it was about more than 5 am. She immediately went up stairs to her daughter’s room and was shocked to see her daughter sleeping soundly as usual.

The following night, Mrs. Ha decided not to sleep to watch for. However, what she saw was surprised her. Her daughter was sleeping well, through the night she did not go out, except messaging for someone with happy mood. The third night was gone normally; the girl slept well in her room. This fact made Mrs. Ha so doubtful of what had happened the night before but she did not share with anyone.

Mrs. Ha determined to keep watching. By the fourth night, at about more than one o’clock in the morning, she suddenly heard quiet noises while she was on the top floor. Looking down, she was so panicked when she saw her daughter clinging to a rope swing slightly from the second floor balcony to the ground. There was standing a man who was waiting for and supporting his hands to hold her daughter. The two warmly embraced and kissed each other passionately. Mrs. Ha was so confused, not knowing what to do!

Hurried down to the ground floor, opened the gate, she was shocked again because her daughter and the man had disappeared. She feared that one day her daughter will be in unwanted pregnancy then discard it. Mrs. Ha also feared that her daughter is falling in love with an addicted or gamble man…If so, the rest of daughter’s life is going to be put to an end. Bearing in mind with this thought, Mrs. Ha decided to come to VDT private detective Company to consult and learn about the man who has made her daughter disappeared during the night.

Half a month later, Mrs. Ha was informed the detective that her daughter was falling in love with a guy named Phong, who was born in Lang Giang, Bac Giang and now is a first-year student at a people-founded university. Worth mentioning, Phong seemed to having cheated her daughter both love and money while her daughter loved him so much that she had never regret  spoiling him with her assets or money.

Phong lived by himself in a renting house in Cot village, Trung Hoa ward, Cau Giay district. Perhaps, in order to avoid their parents and their friends, the two often dating to have their lunch in front of Phong’s university. Two times a week, according to the appointment in advance, Phong often sneakly came to Mrs. Ha’s house to pick up the girl and took her back at 4:30 am. Phong designed for his lover a rope ladder which was so neat, and easy to climb up and down, and easy to hide…

Spoken directly to her daughter, Mrs. Ha felt hurt when the girl confessed to having sex with the guy for more than a half year. She had known and made acquaintance with the guy named Phong by accident at a bus stop. Phong, the student, more than 170cm tall with handsome face and tactful speaking skill, had completely conquered the  12th-grade girl’s heart. They then quickly exchanged their mobile numbers and nick chat. Later, more than three months from the acquainted date at the bus stop, the girl gave her virgin to the guy.

After consulting the lawyer, Mrs. Ha decided to meet Phong. The guy was so surprised and wondered why their secret love had been discovered while Mrs. Ha pouring out her words: “ My daughter is actually less than 16 years. She is just big for her age so she has lied you that she is at 12th grade. In fact, she is only at 10th grade. My daughter is beautiful, gentle, and obedient. So far, she has been my family’s pride but now she has been enticed and ruined by you. How would you like us  to  handle you? Just by sending an application form to report the case to your university, you will be disciplined then be punished and of course your family as well as your friends will know about your sin.”

Knowing that his lover was less than 16 years old, Phong was afraid that he would be involve in and have trouble with the Law so he eagerly begged Mrs. Ha for her forgiveness, promising never see her daughter again. Phong then returned Mrs.Ha the new model mobile phone and the player which, according to Phong, the girl had presented him. Holding all the things in hand, Mrs. Ha felt so bored as she understood the real cause of the lost of these things as well as the repeated losing of her money.

Through this mistake of her daughter, Mrs. Ha regretted that she herself had been too engrossed with work that she had not been aware of the importance of education and orientation for children, especially for girls who are maturing and entering the adult life facing and surprising at sex and love. She said: “Parents must be responsible for and have much involving in the mistakes of children. This is certainly not the lesson of my own family!”.

Detective : Giang Hoang

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