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Detectives have just found the clothes of a missing prostitute, as new clues concerning the hunt for a mass murderer, who is said to have killed 10 people in New York.

In December last year, while police were seeking Shannan Gilbert (24), they accidentally discovered the first clues leading to the discovery of 10 bodies lying in the bushes along the highway near the beach in the  Long Island, NewYork.

“If not for the case of Shannan Gilbert who disappeared, we could never find the bodies of other victims,” said Richard Dormer, police officers in Suffolk County, New York said in a press conference.

According to Mr. Dormer, on Tuesday and Wednesday, he said, detectives found a wallet with a herself photo inside and her jeans and shoes, along with a mobile phone which is said to be long this woman. They think that the girl drowned by an unknown cause. Police have not found the body of Gilbert, but the search still continues today.

“She could easily be hit by someone and fell down  and could not escape. We guess that’s what happened to Shannan, and we will do everything to find her, “Mr. Dormer said.
Find clues about the mass murder in New York
Police search for victim’s body in the bushes inLong Island, New York.

The last time someone saw  ShannanGilbert when  she was transported to sex at a customer’s home in Oak Beach by a taxi driver. Her clients  was Joseph Brewer who was questioned by police but is not considered a suspect. Brewer has told police that Gilbert felt uncomfortable after about 2 hours and he had to call the driver to take her out. According to Brewer, Gilbert then left the house, running through the neighborhood and was then bumped into a door so she had to ask for help.

A detective said the witnesses saw the woman with the strange behavior, and this seems to fit the missing later.
The bodies of 10 people, including eight women, a man and a child were found, mostly scattered along the coastal road in Long Island. However, a number of other bodies were found in eastern Long Island and Fire Island.

Police have identified the identity of five of the 10 victims, and all the five were  prostitutes. Victim No. 10 is a girl, and DNA tests showed she was the daughter of another victim. The bodies of the mother and her daughter were found every few miles.


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