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(Vietnamese Detectives) Saigon Private Detective – It was in the after noon of 24th, lunar month, adjacent Tet 2010, cold with drizzle rain. After the hesitant knocking, a little girl dressed in school uniforms entered the office of VDT detective. She looked a bit bewildered mixed afraid and shy.

She told the detective that her name is Huyen, now in her 11th grade, in Hanoi. The reason leading her to the VDT detective service was her suspicion of his father who, according to her, having a not very transparent relationship with her family’s maid. Huyen’s family lived in Trung Kinh Street. Her mothers went to work abroad. Huyen has two brothers and she is the oldest among three children, the youngest is four years old.

Nearly four years ago, after the birth of the youngest child, Huyen’s mother was going to work abroad, so her family hired a maid in the home village. This girl was born in 1992 and named M. M is a niece of Huyen’s mother and calls her mother:  “Aunt”. M’s family was rather poor. Moreover, M’s father, then, was suffering incurable disease. Huyen’s family was so symperthized with M that they decided to take M to Ha Noi to stay with them.

At first, M was stunted, ugly with the dull black complexion but obedient. M worked hard to do the housework, look after the children, so Huyen’s parents highly appreciated M and treated M with precious feeling. Occasionally, Huyen’s mother came back from overseas, seeing M, still young but worked hard to help her looking after the family, considered M as her daughter. Huyen mother had offered M a course of accounting, even a driving course and bought M clothes, as well as given M attentive care. However, recently, with the sensitivity of a girl entering adulthood, Huyen felt the changes in her family, from very small ones, especially when her mother was away from home.

Huyen, then, began to notice. She found that during the meals, there were five of them but her father looked after M more carefully than his children. He kept serving M with food, even the youngest got his care less than M. Further more than that, one day, when her father forgot to take the bathing clothes into the bathroom, so he told her brother to bring him but M vied Huyen’s brother to do it. Often in this case, people just stay out to give, but M tried to look into, smiled and told some jokes to tease Huyen’s father or something like that… In addition, one day, at weekend, Huyen’s father brought the whole family to the park to have a good time.  There,M also had some too intimate gestures to Huyen’s father. It happened when M, who then was holding Huyen’s youngest brother, gave the child to Huyen’s father, she naturally showed her sentiment to Huyen’s father by saying: “Dear! Let hold our boy!” Turning to the boy, M said: “ Dad and Mom love you the most!” She then slightly rubbed her hand on the belly of  Huyen’s father. Huyen found that the gestures and the words overintimate.

One day, Huyen went to school, but there, she was informed to have the day off.  Coming home, opening the door by her own key, without pressing the door bell as usual, Huyen was so surprised when she saw M in her father’s room.  Huyen asked M: “why do you enter my father’s room freely?” M  Then replied, “The room is too messy so I come to clean,” but in fact M entered the room to ransack the furniture. Especially, the mementos of Huyen’s parents were pulled out to watch.


Huyen decided to call her mother to tell her that there is no transparency in the relationship between father and M. However, Huyen did not know why her mother replied that she did not believe any things. Huyen wondered whether she acted like that to calm Huyen down. Her mother even said: “My dear daughter! May be you are too sensitive to have a miscellaneous deduction.”

The trust of her mother in M only crumbled when she came home to have holiday. One day, by accidentally, she read in her husband’s phone the message from the maid: “M love you and the son very much! M want to be with you both! M love B! …. “Being too enraged, she immediately asked M to come to speak out, but M whitewashed: “I just encourage Uncle while you are away. I love all of you in this family so I have acted like that! …. “

By the sensitivity of a woman, Huyen’s mother knew how things came to, so she forced M to leave immediately. She then came to the home village to get a middle-aged woman to replace M.


Because of the job, Huyen’s mother could not stay at home for long time. No sooner had her Mom gone abroad again than her Dad was absent from home or came home late regularly, despite his working office hours. When Huyen asked him about this, her father said, “I am doing construction projects so I am busy now dear!” More abnormally,  Huyen noticed that whenever he came home, his clothing was usually decent, dashing, with no signs of going early and coming late due to  overwork load as he told her … That was why the teenager had decided to ask for help from the private detective service  to find out the sources.

It is not difficult to discover that on Saturday morning, Mr. B, Huyen’s father, caught a taxi to go straight to a hotel in Lang Ha Street instead of going to his office as he had told his children. What made the detectives surprised was his going up straight to the second floor without doing the checking in as usual. This proved that he was so familiar with this place.

Mr. B and M later went shopping, then dinning together and came back to the hotel. After that no one could see them going out, of course!  The lovers were only discovered when Huyen and her Uncle, who was with his wife, came right after informed by huyen. Being caught in match, but M was brazenly argued: “I am sick; uncle B knows that I am here so he comes to visit.”  Pooring out those words, M showed no slight, remorse or embarrassment. According to the hotel receptionist, the “couple” B and M had rented a room on the second floor for more than two months, right after the time M was forced to leave Huyen’s house.

The mission of the VDT detectives under the contract with client ended successfully. However, a few days later, Huyen informed that a strange man came and took M to Noi Bai air port to flight to HCM City. M’s family also received a call from M: “ I will not be home on Tet holiday!” on the same day. It seems that this maid has just found her self another “Boss” to keep turning her dream of changing from Osin (the maid) to the host Lady.

In times of economic integration, many women also find their way to do business abroad, suffer from being far away from home. The properties that they have earned made the family completely wealthier, and Huyen’s mother is not an exception.  Nevertheless, these women seem to be so more engrossed in doing business that they also seem to forget their roles in their families. They do not seem to understand that, the full material they earned may not fill the “gap” of roles of the wife, the mother in the family.

Mr. B, whose wife was living and working far away from home, wanted to cover both mental and physical needs, could not resist the “intended attraction” of a girl in her twenties who had replaced his wife to look after his family day by day. After this scandal, his wife can forgive him, but he has accidentally created the wound which perhaps will never be healed in the hearts of his children. Mr. B has only recognized his mistakes afterwards. However, it was too late, specially, to Huyen. Now, in her eyes, Mr. B is no longer revered as a father!

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