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Viet detective
- “A Brutal Murder” You read the headline of the front page of the New York Times. You continue to read the front page, captivated. You love a good mystery. You continue reading until you drop your glass of juice in shock. Your father. That is why he never came home last night. He was murdered. You tear out of the house and run to the crime scene. It is a good twenty miles away and you know you can’t run that far but you keep running. Pretty soon you are pretty tired and decide to call a taxi. You wait on a bench by the phone booth and catch your breath. ‘Why. Why him.’ you think to yourself. The taxi finally comes and you order the driver (somewhat harshly) to drive to the crime scene. You arrive and see the whole street is crowded with curious citizens trying to see what the fuss was about. You walk through the sea of people to the crime scene. “Oh! Miss Hasten. Come right through.” a police officer lets you go under the police line. You immediatly start observing the scene and looking for clues. You are determined to catch the killer. You don’t notice anything unusual at first and then you notice your father’s mouth is clenched. Curious, you put on a pair of gloves and open his mouth. Inside you find a slightly chewed peice of paper. You remove the paper and unfold it. On it only five words were written. “BLACK ORGINZATION – TOKYO – HIKONYA STREET” Your father had left a dying message. “What do you have there Miss Hasten?” the inspector walks up to you. You think….
I want to solve this on my own!! I don’t need the stupid New York police….
OK. Im gonna tell the police about the note…….No I won’t! Yes I will!!! No I won’t! ((me: make up your mind! [couldn't resist Ellia!] ))
Maybe the police could help…..
“Rebeka Hasten I presume?” the man says. “How do you know my name?” you ask. “I’ve been looking for you. You know too much. Your father knew too much.” “You-” You are hit across the head and you went limp. You were barely aware of a small pill being slipped into your mouth. “Gin! Dump her off in the alley!” “OK,”says the guy in the front. You are violently thrown out of the car and as you lay there the car drives off. All of a sudden you feel an unbearable pain like you were melting from the inside. You think…….
Oh my gosh!! I’m gonna die!
Think happy thoughts! Monkeys, cats, Chrismas…..
Was that poision?
You wake up to the old man shaking you awake. (You can’t get rid of the old guy!) “W-wha..what is it?” You say, half asleep. “SAY WHAT?” hollers the old man. “I’M A LITTLE HARD OF HEARING!!! I WOKE YOU UP BECAUSE WE WERE LANDING!!!” “OK!! THANKS!!” you yell back, slightly irritated. You exit the airport and call a taxi. Luckily you took Japanese in the 9th grade as an extra course and could understand the people. When the taxi arrived you told the driver to drive you around town in fluent Japanese. You sit there looking out the window for a few minutes. The car stops at a stoplight and a man in black opens your car door and gets in. You think….
How rude!!! Can’t he see I was here first?
Who is this guy? Why is he dressed in black? Maybe….
You decide not to tell the inspector about the paper. You swiftly hide it in your jacket pocket and say, “Nothing Inspector! I was just observing the crime scene. I want to catch those killers if it is the last thing I do!” “I know.” The inspector walks off.
**That evening**
“You have been at it all day Miss Hasten. Go home and get some rest. This murderer was really clever and did not leave a trace behind. We can continue tomorrow.” “Fine.” you say. You had already made up your mind already. You were going to Tokyo. You call a taxi and go to the airport immediatly. You don’t even bother to pack a bag. You are too focused on what you were going to do. You pay for a ticket and wait for the plane. When it comes you get seated next to and old guy with a strange kind of grey fuzz on his head. Further inspection told you it was on his tounge too. (*EWWW!!!*) Well anyway you fall asleep on the plane. You dreame about….
Your fathers body.
That old man’s tounge. EEEWWWW!!!!
You catching the murderers and avenging your father
Taking over the world!!! BWAHAHA!!! (( me:wow… O.o ))
The pain suddenly stops. ‘Am I dead?’ You wonder. ‘No. What did that poision do? The only difference is that my cloths seem bigger.’ You start walking down the street, troubled by your encounter. ‘Wait. If that is who I think it was then…’ “AHHH! The paper!” The only evidence you had about the Organization was lost. You keep walking down the street and several people look at you weird. Finally someone comes up and asks, “Are you lost little girl?” “EXCUSE ME! I am 17 yeas old!” you exclaim. “Oh yeah right! Come on. I’ll take you to the police station for help.” The man grabs your hand and pulls you along. You pass by a parked car and notice something in your reflection. “AAAHHH!!!” You exclaim. You look like a 6 year old!!! “What is wrong?” , the man asks. “N-nothing” You and the man keep walking until you finally reach the police station. You enter and the man takes you up to one of the desks. “Yes I found this girl on the street. I think she is lost.” The guy behind the counter says, “It looks like she has been beaten up preatty bad too.” Just then a teenage girl walks out of the back office with a little boy and another man. “Inspecter Megure, thanks for helping me find Conan!” She pats the boy on the head and he groans. “You’re welcome Ran. Conan, next time try not to go hiking without a map,” says the inspector. Ran walks by and notices you. “OH!!! What happened?” “We found this girl in an ally near Hije Street,” replies an officer. “We think she was abandoned.” “How awful!” Ran says. “RAN!!! It is five after four! Kogoro wanted us home by four! We had best go,” Conan says. “Fine! Well good luck!” Ran walks off and as she leaves you could hear her mumble, “I wish Shinichi was here.” You ask an officer who Shinichi is. “Oh. He is a high school detective. He has solved the toughest cases we ever had! He is pretty good!” ‘Not as good as me’ you think. ‘Wait maybe he can help!’ “Where can I find him?” You ask. “He lives in a house behind the shopping center across the street.” “THANKS!!!” you yell as you run out the door. “WAIT!!!!” the officer yells. Well I end there. I will come out with the next one ASAP!
Oh well. You quiz was horrible! (me: Oh yea? Wanna fight? *Punches you in nose*)
Well You met Gin and Vodka. (You know the evil dudes in black) And You shrunk!!! If only you knew Shinichi was shrunk also….

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