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Private Detective Services – Suspected that the mate has a sweetheart, many couple were “knocking” the door to ask  the private detective for help.

And there are many sad stories behind the husbands, wives  who are “playing harmfully” with their families’ happiness… Usually, after “solving the case”, finding that the customers still have the opportunity to come back together so instead of encouraging the customers to sign in a divorce form, many private detectives have become love consultants and made many couples  solve their conflict to come back together and then together cultivate a happy family.


Forgive  husband’s first affair ...

Having been received many cases related to adultery, Mr. Do Hung – employees of a detective office in Hanoi, said, many women have been shocked when they discovered their husband having a lover so they have made everything”um sum” by intimidating and even beatings,  stigmatizing the “ third”   or  trying to have defamatory of her husband … All these ways just  make their men have bad feeling to them, feel  angry because of the what so called: “ loss their faces”, and if later , although he returned, it is difficult to maintain a happy family.

Hung has involved many cases of reconciliation adulterous spouse, who makes a happy family in danger of collapse. Hung, particularly,  still remember the case  bringing peace for a couple whose the wife suffered from cancer but hired private detectives twice to track her husband of adultery. With all the convincing evidences provided by the detective, the woman beat out a petition for divorce.

However, when he realized she was still in love with her husband Mr Hung has advised his customers and ultimately help them heal the marriage which is in danger of collapse.

Hung retold : “One morning, a woman named NHI in Linh Dam, Hanoi came to the office detectives to ask the private detective to track her husband to see  if he has continued his adultery. Her kind face filled the post of being tired, anxious. She provided all the information about her husband and hoped for our detectives to quickly find out the truth to help relieve her sorrow, frustration inside. “


In fact, year ago, Nhi and her husband had a happy family life with two daughters. She loves him and he was really  a thoughtful man, paying attention to his wife and children. Moreover his work time is very accurate.

On his days off, he was always at home, occasionally, went drinking coffee with friends. Then suddenly,it became difficult to understand why he changed dramatically. He  often left early and came back late as well as neglected his wife and his children.  Suspected her husband having a misstreet out, she hired detectives to track her husband. Upon seeing the photos and clips recorded by the detective husband having sex  with another woman.

Inspite of this extreme pain, she did not make  fuss about that, but  tries to ignore the fact, accepted his coming home at 3am every night. She just tried to reveal her dairy in which along the lines were blur of  tears of mood that she expressed her  suffering  seeing her husband who had been no longer taken care of her as before, and her fears that he had a new lover.

Reading the diary, perhaps her husband had understood all that his wife’s heart so he had gave up his worse routin, instead, he turned in to a good man in the house. She smiled, thinking that he had changed. However,  about two months ago, she happen to read the message in his phone, a message only came up with three numbers “392″ and sent from the number which he stored under the name of a girl.

She knew that the 3 figures meant “I love you”. Her heart was once again wavy  which led her , again, wanted to ask the detective to follow her husband to know the causes to relieve any doubts. If the result showed that her husband was in adultery , she would not try to suffer and tolerate him once more, but would definitely divorce him, the man of adultery.

This time, in charge d of group of detectives, Hung and his men scheduled to investigate and  monitored Nhi’s  husband very carefully. However, a week went by and  her husband showed no signs of suspicious.  Hung intened to end  the contract and inform Nhi that  her husband  absolutely had no illicit relationship with a woman. Nevertheless,  on Saturday of that week, the  detectives  discovered her husband had some unusual signals. After the office hours, he did not go home as usual but turned into a hotel.

About five minutes later, a female colleague followed up.  Quickly, two detectives came right after and rented  the next room. By professional measures, Hung’s group had obtained convincing evidences of adultery to report back to Nhi.

When the detective office  informed  Nhi  to come to receive the results of their work, such as heaven and earth collapsed beneath her as she was once again saw the pictures, the videos of her husband expressing love  to his new lover. Nhi  was really “shocked”,  her tears fell pouring. She had no idea that he dared to betray her again.

Previously, she was healthy, she also has enough confidence to change him but now she knew that she had cancer, she suffered from so much pain and know that she no longer had the patience anymore. Cancer pain tortured her every day but the pain was not as large as the pain that continued to betray by her husband. With the feeling of Shortfalls, dizziness, resentment of anger, she wanted  to the office to beat  that girl, and made her husband  lose all his face.

She stood up firmly with all the anger, drawing from the bag a divorce petition which had been available for typing on the table and pulled out a pen to sign it.

Happy sprouting in pain

With professional experience, Hung understood  her present psychological feeling, so he tried to  run all of  arguments to calm her down and suggest she should re- think  to chang her decision because through her expression, Hung knew that she still loved her husband and their children. If she had no longer loved him, surely  she could not have  forgiven  his infidelity from the first time. The mistakes of her husband might have  probably been his very temprorary throb.

If she divorced her husband now, not only her children would certainly suffering, but also herself with the cancer would not have any one to rely on to perform the coming surgeries.

Hung is also advised her not to make fuss about this problem, because if she made fuss on this, her husband with the nature of the man would feel difficult to return and It only made him be pushed away.

Not only consulted to help the woman understand the problem, Hung also played a role of a doctor at the hospital to call to notify her husband that Nhi was suffering from very serious cancer, the hospital had asked her to tell her families to consider whether or not surgery but the hospital hadnot seen her respond.

Understand the suffering of his wife who had been suffering too much pain for a long time  and fighting  against the serious illness, the husband felt extremely guilty. Although his wife tried to stay at her mother’s house to avoided meeting him but he did not give up, he even had to get down on his knees to admit his mistakes and promised to change and build up  for the family.

He also admitted that both times he had tried  to hide her  the relationship with another female colleague who was so pitiful woman and loved him so much. This colleague accepted to be “the third” and would be anonymous, just to be with him and promised that she would never break his happy family. With the sympathy of the man, added a little greedy heart that made him could not hold himself so finally, he had agreed.

Last time when he read her diary, he had understood that she knew about the ambiguity of the relationship so he had firmly stopped going out with the colleague. Nonetheless, by every day contac at the agency, the message of suffering and vulnerability from the colleague plus  the fact that his wife  became increasingly apathetic in sex (because she had cancer that he did not know) that made him, again, could not control himself well infront of the beautiful female colleague. And everything just happened again.

Now, he recognises that his wife is very tolerant that once had forgiven him and even hided her illness because she did not want to worry him, he completely regrets.

He promises that he will end the relationship which so called “temprorely love” and will change his phone number, will request a transfer agency and become a solid place in her near cancer surgery. Bursting in to tears at her husband’s honesty, the heart of the woman becomes  weak again and she decides to forgive him.

Nhi’s happy family was seemingly about to break now is healed back. Thanks to the advice of private detective, the  wife with serious illness is no longer an odd shadow on her journey to confront the pain of illness.

Hung said: “The woman regaining her husband who was cheating her to fall in to adultery  sometimes is like a war in which the wife must overcome her personal pride, her  injury to preserve her own family.  Men do not often exchange their family just because of  the unofficial love.  They are also  anchored by other things like  the kids, the responsibility, the promotion … So, if the  wife understands on her husband’s  psychology accepts to forgive him , she will avoid the painful divorce. “

Like the case of Ms. Nhi, without the in time  intervention, counseling of the private detective like Hung, her happy family is now probably broken.

After successful surgery, Nhi and her husband came  to the  private detective office to thank the detectives and their services. The air of  weakness, and illness  has disappeared, Nhi now is a woman with joyful and radiant face. We can see that it is by the enthusiasm and the “mind” in the profession of private detective like Hung that has helped her family through the “storm”.


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