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(Vietnamnet) – The room on the 2nd floor of a house at 29/133 Thai Ha, Hanoi seems to shut the door silently the whole day, which is unfathomable! It’s Viet-detection and trading company limited (VDT).

In spite of its one-year establishment, it has become a reliable address for parents to find answers to questions of their children’s unusual signs and become a love consultant office as well.


A talk with the director Nguyen Minh Long


“Providing information is ok!”


Good morning, Sir. Could you please tell me the reason why you named your company “Viet-detection and trading company limited”?

It’s named VDT instead of “detective company” because in legal documents, the term of “detective” sounds serious. “Detective” emphasizes on crime and investigation, which are not allowed by the Law. However, information supply service is ok.


We just provide information and consult clients with necessary knowledge and experience for parents to be able to manage and seek their children when they are in troubles. Of course, in order to have information, we have to explore and deal with the information.


Who is your target client?

They’ll be parents. We’ll supervise pupils and students “having problems” at their parents’ requests to clarify their doubts about them. (Smiling)


Literarily, minors are the citizens who need orienting towards a healthy lifestyle the most. Everybody knows but when facing the fact that children have unusual signs such as being more interested in playing than in learning or falling into social evils, for example, drug addiction, they really understand the proverb “A prophet is not without honor save in his own country”. Sometimes they can’t understand why their children have been like that, especially ones with a good family breeding. A general reason among a variety of ones is that many parents have no time to take care of their children.


“Babysitters” are YOU!

How do you approach targets and deal with problems?

Actually, it requires skills, especially sympathy as friends. It’s quite hard to help depraved people rejoin the community without reputation injuries as well as to keep their secrets. Bad friends “entice” them so I also use the same way (Smile). However, I will “entice” them towards a positive life, which is always more difficult and takes time.


Your approach and conversion methods seem to be a fine art.

Thanks. Our subjects are usually pupils and students. At this age group, they really want to affirm themselves, so they are quite stubborn and headstrong, even spontaneous. For example, a boy of a secondary school left home with 150 million VND stolen from his parents. One another example is that there was a gentle student leaving home to cohabit with a street girl in her trap just due to lovelorness.


Such stories are now rather popular. It’s the whole social problem. In such a case, we had to rent a house to be their neighbors in order to make friends with them. Until the whole month later, we could take him to the normal life. No matter how headstrong they are, we never shout at them. An educator Makerenco has a saying “There is no such a spoilt child that we cannot educate him”. In order to help him, we should be his friends under any circumstance.


“We can’t be beside them forever.”

Have you ever had to give up?

Not yet up to now. For us, clients coming to us means they are too worried and have no better solution else. Therefore, facing hard cases, we often think to ourselves: We will be guilt if we surrender. It means we cannot help a spoilt person although we know.


Frankly speaking, if drug-addicted youths do not try to better themselves, no one can help them. The matter is that families, schools and associations should work together to solve the problem. Just detectives’ observation and supervision are not enough. We just act based on limited contracts while drug may follow them for a long time.


It sounds pessimistic, doesn’t it?

That’s right. Drug-addiction will follow them in their whole life while we can’t follow them forever. The problem requires the youth’s firm stuff.


Selling truths…

Just you and your clients know what you provide them, Sir. How is it if supposed that the followed subject colludes with your personnel?


It’s professional ethics. However, it’s quite hard to happen because a case requires many personnel’s participation and each one just knows a certain phase.


We always check crosswise, so will find right truths. We are doing a master’s degree in Law and will be lawyers on the same way of justice and reason protection.


Do you mind if I say that even people at a high position in legislative and judicial machinery may become defendants?


I know. What a shame! However, in my humble opinion, if we want to convert misguided children, we must know how rightly to live. Doing business means thinking about profits. But losing your prestige due to immediate profits, you should be out of business soon. This career has a lot of temptations, so it requires us to be firmer and more vigilant.


Last time, I dealt with a case in which a woman made a phone call to the company upsettingly. Her parents introduced a male teacher to her towards a marriage. He was good and proper but she was hardly stirred. Meanwhile, the love she was pursuing was going to be broken down.


The story was that she met a man from Thai Nguyen when she was visiting Huong pagoda. They fell in love at the first sight. She was well-educated while the man still had got no job. While studying overseas in Japan, she provided for his whole family regularly. When back to work in Vietnam, she helped him and his younger brothers and sisters with stable jobs. She also offered him money to build a three floor house. Then he asked her for a car before a marriage. However, she had spent too much money on the love. The total came to a billion VND.


Love is so complicated, but generosity and tolerance often occur in love. I said to her that a man who didn’t respect himself could hardly be a sheet-anchor and she should re-consider if she was in true love or cheated. A girl’s valuable tolerance shouldn’t be taken advantage of by a bad guy. What a wasted life! It’s said that the good always defeats the bad. However, sadly, it’s not always in reality. The weaker sex should take into consideration because there are proper others deserving her love.


A little bit further, do you think that a love doesn’t need a reason?

It’s quite delicate. Each one is under different circumstances, so there is no a specific standard, only that love may help someone live better. It’s the sign to recognize a true love. Sadly, in some cases, an intelligent one becomes a fool while an opportunist becomes “intelligent” dangerously. We once dealt with such a case and often joke that the large number of girls following such a bad guy means that it remains a variety of superficial girls.


It doesn’t sound theoretic. Frankly, do you have much experience in this field, both successes and failures?

I know a saying with a general idea that an unhappy person cannot show others the way to happiness. How extreme it is! I’m luckier in love. I’m married and have a child. By much experience, when a client asks for a love consultancy, their doubts are also signs and clues for us to find answers.


Before “a marriage contract”, their consideration is reasonable. In some cases, getting information from us they breathed a sigh of relief and loved their sweethearts more. It’s also our joys.


What about sadness?

In cases, their doubts are true.


So could you please give a brief sentence to distinguish between a heartfelt love and a cheated one?

It’s rather difficult. Normally, heartiness is never covered with frivolity, only that we cannot realize it at any time. A woman is usually sensitive, but she is sometimes too blinded. A woman’s love is often in the ear.


Does it mean they come to you when everything is too late?

It depends.


Thank you.



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