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They are active young female detectives of @ age with changability in their role-playings. They come to detective career, one of dangerous ones, with their passion and voluntariness in order to uncover facts and bring happiness to a part of families in society. On New Year,  (Life and Family) has a talk with the two young female detectives of the 8X generation to have more knowledge of their career.


Detective Thi Nga Le

Born in 1984, higher education

Two-year detective

Reporter: Hello Nga. As we know you are one of excellent detectives of VDT. How can you become a private eye from a bachelor majoring in marine-product area?

Nga: I came to detective career accidentally. After my graduation, my family thought I would have a job based on what I had studied in University; however, I read and felt like detective work on a time of linking to VDT website. Therefore I decided to apply for detective and have been a private eye since then.  At first, my family was against me a lot as detective is a quite hard new delicate job in Viet Nam.  My parents believed that a woman should have a stable job for her future family instead of a precarious job requiring movement. However after 2 years working as a detective, I feel like the work and am going to bound together with it for a long time. (Smile)

Reporter: Detective work is new and delicate in Vietnam so what is the biggest disadvantage you have faced in the role of “babysitter detectives”?

Nga: Detective work is entirely different from others in terms of its special, adventurous and sometimes irregular features. My main duty is to control juveniles. The most difficult things for “a babysitter detective” are to seize a subject’s psychology, to control shortcomings and to be a bright mirror for them. Especially, we have to be very close to juveniles to become their friends absolutely. Thereby, they will confide in us to tell what they are thinking of or what they are going to do. Thanks to these factors, we may have measures for controlled subjects, their parents and their relatives as well. Society now has much influence on juveniles’ personal characteristics, both negative and positive ones, while the work always needs our orientation for them.

Reporter: It is said that working as a detective may have a lot “accidents” in love and marriage. What do you think?

Nga: It is partly true because the duty of a female detective is more difficult than that of a male one in some special situations. When our subject comes into a resting house or dancing floor, for instance, we also have to come into there to follow him/her for the requirement of the work. Our friends, boy friends or relations may misunderstand if they do no know our duty. My love has also had a lot of challenges, but luckily my boyfriend understands me, so everything is Okay.

Reporter: As we know, detective work asks detective to act many roles. So when following juveniles, which roles do you often act as?

Nga: I usually act as a daughter of a friend of my controlled subject’s mother. Therefore, I have to live in their house to make friends with and observe the subject. I will change my role to suit each subject’s psychology.

Reporter: Which role makes you remember the most?

Nga: It’s the act in case I controlled a seventeenth –year-old girl in Hai Phong. It is special to me because the case was in Tet holidays. Moreover it was the first time I welcomed a Tet far from my family but in a strange one. I was then sad but tried to act well to finish my mission. Looking families come together happily made me feel self-pity. What was lucky, the host sympathized and encouraged me a lot, which helped me overcome all. The case was successful more than expected. Now thinking about the girl becoming a good person, far away from dangerous social evils, I feel happy even if I had to have continuously home –away Tet holidays.

Reporter: What about this Tet?

Nga: Perhaps I will have a Tet together with my family. It is not only my joy but many families’ because when detectives have no work in Tet means there is no spoilt children making their families and detectives headache and to have no Tet.

Reporter: Thank you, Nga. I wish you a New Year a lot of new joys.


Detective Thi Hang Le

Born in 1982

Higher Education

Working as a detective sine 2005


Hang: Someone chooses their careers partly because of their passion, partly because of the fate. Perhaps we have fate in detective career so both my husband and I would like to be bound together with it for a long time. After graduation, I enrolled into the company when reading VDT’s recruitment accidentally. Meeting each other there, my husband and I understood, sympathized in work and then got married. What is more, our happiness has brought us a cute son. Frankly speaking, detectives cope with a lot of challenges and than 2 times for female detectives, which makes us have to balance career and family.

Reporter: After 3 years acting as a female private eye for love, marriage and family, you must have had many interesting memories?

Hang: Memories? A lot!

Reporter: Being the only child in the family and choosing a new and quite hard career for women as well as having a husband of the same job, detective work attracts you specially, doesn’t it?

Hang: For detectives, we have to become geckoes to everywhere, businessmen, agile PR officers or experienced prostitutes…, facing dangers several times. However we always have suitable measures corresponding to each case and try to act well. For the first time of my mission, I was assigned to follow a subject in a graveyard with a male colleague. The quiet night and groaning sounds of insects made me tremble with a ghost fear and have no mind to work. Fortunately, the male colleague calmed me down and he is now my husband.

I remembered in a case of following a male subject, I was nearly thought to be a stealer. Following him into a large villa in the Southern and waiting for him to go out, I suddenly realized to be looked with suspicious eyes. It turned out that they suspected me to be a stealer so they got around keeping watch on me. In this situation, I pulled my cell out, called and spoke loudly: “Mum, why have I been waiting for my younger brother for a long time but haven’t seen him yet? Do you hear exact information? You seem to have been in your second childhood since the day he went away!” After the call, everyone came to me and asked after me that how my brother was, what he was like, how old he was …to help me seek him. What a close shave! I could properly sit to wait for the subject after rescuing myself. Another time, I had to dance on a dancing floor in the form of a prostitute. Doing the job, I was afraid to be found by an acquaintance of mine in this appearance. Innocent but having the evidence against myself! (Smile)

Reporter: By a detective view, how do you think about modern family trend?

Hang: Objectively speaking, families in this developing society are modern and clear-headed; nevertheless, there are still tragedies. All controlled families are young with successful career but unsteady happiness because of different viewpoints, illegal business relationships, love affairs, etc. The more freely they live, the more tragedies they have to suffer from.

Reporter: Having the same job, is your happiness influenced?

Hang: Perhaps, our passion for the job helps us both understand its advantages and disadvantages. In work as well as daily life, we try to balance them. Luckily, due to knowing the natures of the detective work, both of us avoid tragedies of jealousy when taking part in delicate cases. Many of my colleagues were put into a dilemma when doing their duty because their relatives saw them and did not understand them. It is a disadvantage for female detectives.

Reporter: Thank you for the conversation and wish your detective family a happy New Year.


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