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Rapoo is a brand of wireless technology, including mice, keyboards, headsets and speakers of China. In Vietnam, fake Rapoo has just appeared and misled consumers and affected the image of the brand.

VDT investigation - Rapoo was  in Vietnamese market on February 3 / 2010 through distributors Nam Thanh Company. But the appearance of counterfeit Rapoo has caused confusion and negatively affected the image of Rapoo. The contents of distinguishing genuine and counterfeit Rapoo will help customers get more information when choosing the production:

Genuine Rapoo has its packaging entirely in English, on the label under the mouse skin while counterfeit Rapoo’s packaging is in Chinese. ( see the pictures)

Fake (left)  and real (right)

Genuine Rapoo stamped with warranty stamps of the Nam Thanh Company and the products are in one year of warranty.

The genuine Rapoo has the button On / Off  which are bigger than the fake one.

Most genuine Rapoo products have Alkaline batteries (except for products that use rechargeable batteries), but there is no  attached batteries for the fake ones( if there are, they are  low quality types.)

Currently, the fake Rapoo products, which can not meet the requirements of quality, are cheaper than the genuine ones from 10 to 15%. These products are imported from China for sale. The sellers of these have no technical staff so that they can not offer one-year warranty (or 6 months). This will affect the interests of consumers and damage the credibility of the brand Rapoo.

List of dealers selling genuine Rapoo  are at: business information



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