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Four days ago, Viet-Detection and Trading co., Ltd (VDT) on Thai Ha street, majoring in seeking information, succeeded in a peculiar civil case.

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Those who go to a detective office all have infinite suspicions and worries. Then they will have all types of reactions to show their happiness, anger, love or hate when their doubts such as husbands/wives’ affairs, frauds in business contracts are detected to be true. Even in cases of spoilt, motorcycle-racing or abroad studying children, their parents need detectives’ intervention.

Four days ago, Viet-Detection and Trading co., Ltd (VDT) on Thai Ha street, majoring in seeking information, succeeded in a peculiar civil case.

On a sunny noon, Ms Huong, an over 40-year-old woman, went to the office of the company and asked for family advice breathlessly. Her husband is doctor Binh, a deputy director of a hospital. She realized that he had some extraordinary changes, which made her have a feeling of his affairs. Therefore, she had detectives to provide her evidences of suspicions.

The detective work was implemented right after the order. For the first days of following the doctor, detectives only observed that he was busy with his work of being on duty, operating of directing on-the-job trainees. However, 3 days later, he made a phone call to inform a night duty. At 11pm, he drove towards Ha Dong bridge, picked up a young girl and took her to have a night meal. Saying goodbye after the night date, she cried on his shoulder. Then he took her to her renting house with caressing and consoling manners.

At 2 am the next day, on one another night duty, he lied not to go home and continued picking the girl on Nguyen Trai street, Thanh Xuan district. After a night meal, they got into a rest house.

Detecting such exact information, a wife usually goes to the place where the girl lives to make a scene of jealousy. However, in stead of doing it, Ms Huong only asked her younger sister to meet and warn the girl about their affair relations. Eventually, the girl confessed that she was the last-year student of Hanoi Medical University sent to Binh’s hospital as an on-the-job trainee. She had intention to work there after graduation, so she seduced Binh in exchange for a position in the big hospital.

Sympathizing with the girl’s situation, together with her wide relations, Huong promised to find the girl another job and asked her not to get in touch with her husband any more.

Here is the case of a rich and powerful family with an 11th-form son. The family was so rich that everyday the son stole 2-3 millions VND to go out with friends but his parents did not know. When they detected the truth, he started to be addicted to heroin. After 6 months working as his intimate friends along with the belief of the clients, detectives were asked to go to Singapore with the boy in order to care and urge him to study.

There was a case in which the son was too naughty and stubborn for detectives to make friends with. Knowing that he was interested in playing game, a detective pretended to be a gamer and played against him. Finally, the detective won. Admiring the gamer, the son called the detective “Master” and called himself “Disciple” in order to continue game-online competitions. Since then, he obeyed the detective’s instruction and observation.

This is the story of a couple who left their hometown for Ha Noi to establish their business from nothing. Thanks to their laboriousness and agility, they had owned a famous beer restaurant in Hanoi for 10 years. However, Mr. Hai realized that his wife had changed a lot for 10 years. Moreover, his daughter sometimes told him that she saw her mother going out with a younger man intimately. He did not believe his wife had an affair; however, his greater and greater suspicion led him to ask detectives to uncover facts.

Only after over 3 days of investigations, detectives proved the spouse’s infidelity exactly. Three days later, Hai got information that she had been cheating on him for nearly 10 years. Her affair partner, who seemed to have the same age as his last-born brother, was one of the trouble-makers at his restaurant 10 years ago. When the restaurant was just opened, a group of 5-6 youths often went there to drink beer, stirred up, owed and made troubles. Thanks to his wife’s arrangement, everything was ok. He could not think of her affair with the guy. However, after discovering the painful truth, what surprised him more was the fact that his wife changed all asserts to be under her name secretly. This led him suddenly to have nothing left.

In a case, a man named Quang, the officer of electricity department, was crying right after discovering his wife’s affairs. Being absorbed in his career, when he got a dignity, he was too old to get married. However, finally, he got married with a quite young woman. Since his wife was first pregnant, he asked a doctor as well as his close friend to take care of her at home.

For 2 years after giving birth, his wife had done the housework and cared him and their child carefully. Nevertheless, he suddenly had a feeling of her affairs because she did everything too carefully. He suspected and decided to hire detectives to observe her. On the first day, she still went to the market, cooked meals and went to work in a hurry. At noon, she saw a man at a café in front of her office. After a while, she went home. Keeping on surveillance for a week, detectives confirmed that she had an affair partner exactly. Although they did not see each other frequently, their love seemed to be quite deep. However, his wife’s lover was his close friend as well as the doctor who he paid a lot of money to care his wife during her pregnancy, which made him unbelievable.

For detectives, information investigations often end after 1 or 2 weeks. But in order to have exact information to supply their clients, they must have worked seriously and strictly. Detective companies will use proper methods to get information, which depends on the hobbies of the subjects that clients ask to conduct surveillance. In spire of the fact that detectives have not worked in all fields and are not criminal spies as well, they are versatile, agile and intelligent in situation-settlement, which are also basic qualities of detectives. They will be able to convert fixed things into changing things. Sometimes they are like free people wandering along streets more than at home, even many nights they must wander over night outside. Nevertheless, for them, detective work is risky but interesting.

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