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In the past, many women took part in and succeeded in dangerous works, especially in the war or in the context which forced them to take action. However, very few women worked as a bodyguard, detective, firefighter, policeman, etc.

Until the society accepted women’s equality to men, especially since late XX century, women have gradually participated in such a dangerous career. To some extent, their working ability is not less than men’s. What is more, they have strong points which men do not have.

Glamorous female detectives

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In late 2007, on his visit to France, Libya leader Muammar Gaddafi surprised everyone and press due to his glamorous female bodyguards. They all are beautiful bodyguards from a Islam country in Africa.

Having graduated from Military Academy of Libya and being trained strictly in a secret place, they are professional and skillful in using guns, driving, kung fu. They are always ready to sacrifice their life for President’s absolute safety. A female bodyguard team normally includes 10 people, always changing their position and also acting as receptionists, secretaries, servants.

In fact, nowadays, female bodyguards are not strange to everyone because of the increasing demand for bodyguards, particularly in developed countries. Many beautiful girls from countries are eager to work as bodyguards, detectives and policemen – special and dangerous careers.

For example, Russia has approximate 500 female bodyguards, accounting for 2% of the total number of nationwide bodyguards. Their salary ranges from 1,500 USD to 2,000 USD for 15 working days per month. The capital Moscow has a school specializing in training female bodyguards. Students here are well-bodied, intelligent, agile, absolutely healthy and aged from 21 to 37.

Normally, after strict psychological and physical tests, just 5 girls reach the standard to complete six – month  training course. Female bodyguards here are trained perfectly like male ones. In many cases, they are believed to work more effectively than men.

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