Monday 24/02/2020

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- Two men accused
of presenting themselves as police officers or private detectives employed to the Ministry of National Security in order to obtain money were remanded when they appeared in court on Tuesday.

They are Toriano Rowe, 32, from an unknown address, and Kenoy Goldson, 28, from a Kingston 11 address.

Rowe is charged with obtaining money by false pretence and conspiracy to defraud while Goldson is charged with conspiracy to defraud.

The men are to return to court on April 29 when the matter is set for mention.

Allegations are that, in July of last year, the complainant advertised her Toyota Corolla motor car for rental in the newspaper.

Rowe later contacted the complainant and expressed his desire to rent the car. During the process of getting acquainted, the accused told the complainant that he was employed to the Ministry of National Security as a private detective who protects Andrew Holness, the minister of education.

The complainant claimed she was so impressed that she decided to rent the car to the accused.

It is also alleged that the accused told the complainant that he had received a cheque made payable in her name for the sum of $36,000 for the rental of the car over a nine-day period.

She therefore allowed the accused to leave with the car without paying at the time.

Further, the complainant noted that because she was impressed with the accused, she asked him if he knew anything about the University of the West Indies, at which time he informed her that he could get her daughter into the Faculty of Medicine at a cost of US$2,500.

The complainant then handed over the funds to the accused. However, since that time, efforts to contact him proved futile.

Added to those allegations, Rowe, along with Kenoy Goldson purportedly reassured about six other complainants that they worked with the commissioner of police and could get vehicles on auction at the wharf for them at a reduced cost.

As a result of this, between February 22 and March 12, the complainants entrusted Rowe with a total of $970,000 for him to secure vehicles on their behalf but neither vehicle nor money was handed over to the complainants.

The men were later arrested and charged.

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