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Vietnam private investigation – Our first impression when setting foot on Ngoc spring is a school more than thousands of fish jostling in a few meter narrow spring. They swim phlegmatically before the curious eyes of visitors and struggling for bait whenever anyone throw some stems of spinach …

Hanoi detective-From Cam Thuy district about 10km following the new road spread with asphalt, visitors will come Cam Luong commune, Cam Thuy (Thanh Hoa province). This is the living place of the school in Ngoc spring next to Truong Sinh mountain foot belonging to Ngoc village – called by Muong ethnic minority by the mysterious name “God fish”.


“God fish” in Cam Luong, Cam Thuy, Thanh Hoa.

The Ngoc spring originates from inside Truong Sinh mountain in the narrow cave gate which can be  passed by a person. This is also the route used by a school to swim out the spring in the morning and back inside the mountain in the evening. No one knows when a school in Ngoc spring was born. The old woman Ben – Muong ethnic minority over 80 years old, stayed with this land during her life – only knew that for a very long time, maybe when the human being set foot here, there had been “God fish” spring.

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- According to the scientists, the fish living in Ngoc spring include Doc fish, Chai fish, Mai fish,…but for the residents here they just simple call these fish “God fish”. Under the clear spring water easily seen thousands of fish  with strange shapes: the body like Carp fish, with pink fin and mouth, some in green,… the biggest ones up to tens kilograms in weight together with the small ones swimming meanderingly in the flock pleasant to the eyes.

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-Why the local people adore and protect a school and why their life have still been poor, but they never caught fish for eating or buying? This maybe come from the local legend that: the unfortunate will be happened to anyone endanger the fish living here. So, at the time of high spring, some fish lost into the field, the people caught and release them back in the spring. One factor modified the fish here become supernatural power is that over hundred years, no one witness any fish dead and their quantity seems more increasing. The fish here seem very familiar with the appearance of human, swimming phlegmatically under the visitors’ curious eyes and struggling for bait whenever anyone throw some stems of spinach.

Next to Ngoc spring is God Snack temple, legend is said this Angel protects a school. Besides there is also very nice Dang tree carven with the natural stalactites with many different shapes. In addition, Cam Luong is the place still kept fully the primeval forest system with the tropical specific plants and animals belonging to the Pu Luong – Cuc Phuong limestone mountain range. This is the ideal conditions for Cam Luong to develop the ecological tours, tours to discover cultural characters of Muong ethnic minority with the traditional cultural activities such as: brocade weave, drink Can’s alcohol, Pon Pong dancing.

The recent years, when this strange fish spring rumor spread out, each year, thousands tourists visit here. Also thanks to this fish spring, Muong people, used to familiar with farming and hunting, know to take this chance for business. They sell the picture of fish spring, ethnic clothes by brocade, Lam cooked rice, Can’s alcohol,… to visitors. A locals said that: his life has been improved a little. It is reasonable for repayment for the locals in terms of protection a school.

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-  Cam Luong fish spring has been preserving and protected by many generations of locals. Together with Cam Luong  suspension bridge connected from national highway 217 with the way to “God fish” spring where has been completed and come into operation, many enterprises are planning to invest in this area for tourism development.

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