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Private detective from Danang – Unlike previous years,  on the 8th of March this year Mrs H received nothing from her husband and her son; not any flowers, or even a small gift.

That morning, no sooner had Mrs. H arrived the office, than she was informed by telephone that A was not going to school but packaging his clothes in the backpack. She phoned her husband and hurry back home. When the couple came home, the house mate told them that A had already gone and left them a note. Ms. H skim through and collapsed.

There were a few lines in the notice which A informed his parents that today will begin  his cycling journey through Vietnam. His baggage included a mobile phone, a cameras, three million in cash and an ATM card. A very clearly said that his parents should not worry and try to follow him because when he arrived his destination, he would come back exactly as he had promised. Not knowing what to do, follow the advice of a friend, the couple find VDT detective company for assistance.

Photos and information about A were provided detective meticulously. Both did not hide their concern for their son, so far, A has never gone to any far places alone. If  A used train or car  to travel, they would partly felt safe for him; this time, A went by himself and by bicycle so this made the couple very worried. Immediately VDT detectives  were on the secret mission to escort A to the South.

Detective Thao and Thang hit the road, determined to catch up with A. For such prediction, then A had  left  the house for four hours. According to an emergency meeting of the company, besides the ability to go out alone as A had notice, he may be traveling with a girlfriend or with a certain group. Thus, in the process of conducting an escort, they will not overlook any details. Specific situation would be sent to the company and customers.

At 1 pm, the 8 of March, from the rice plant,   3 km from Phu Ly, the detectives quickly discovered the object. Before them, a young man with the height of about 170cm was benching his  back on the bike. The shape, the clothing, the bikes were more like the images that the customers had describe. The detectives observed and found that A was travelling alone because on all his way, no one appeared beside him. Thus, A’s determination to go to the South by bicycle was a completely true story.

5 pm, A went in to a hotel named Hai Linh in Nam Thanh Ward, Ninh Binh town to have accommodation. At 18 pm, leaving his room, A had dinner outside the hotel, ending the first day of his journey through Vietnam. At that time, in Hanoi, after receiving the report sent from the detectives, Mrs. H and her husband just had their  relief.  From the time of knowing that A had left the house, they tried to contact their son’s mobile phone  but failed. Mrs. H’s memorable day, the 8th of March for her, was over in the restless, and anxiety.

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