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Private investigation – Many families had to ask detectives for help look for their children who had left home. Behind children’s leaving home are hundreds of different truths including even incredible reasons.

Parents’ stern education might cause inverse affects.

The following true stories recorded according to detectives of a private detective company were expected to be a valuable lesion for parents.


Part 1: Consequences from extremely stern education.


10th form, using girl friend’s money to lend at very high lending interest rates


Pharmaceutical lawyers - Being introduced, a married couple working in the army hurried off and went to VDT company. They had two sons. The older one was studying abroad. According to them, he was an obedient son and they did not have to provide for him because he said that he could cover his life needs by himself by doing part-time jobs while studying.


The second one named Nam was going to be in the 10th form. Nam had an erratic character. He often left home to sleep outside and had a strong reaction when being warned by his parents. He also said to his parents that he could be independent and did not ask for their money.


After nearly 1 month, they failed to advise him so they were resigned to asking the company for help. At first, the company personnel just discovered that Nam had a girl friend but the reason why he had a large amount of money was still uncovered.

Business Consulting Practice – In order to approach Nam as well as to answer doubts, the company made a plan that detective Thang would pretend to be a far relative of Nam’s family who would stay with them while waiting for a job.


Thanks to the support of the family, “the relative” found no difficulties to share the bedroom with Nam. At first, from just eating, living and sleeping together, gradually, Thang got Nam’s sympathy without doubts. Nam shared with him and even revealed much information that his parents never could know.


Nam lent money applying overly high interest rates and the money source derived from just his girl friend. He used to stay up late until about 1-3 am as he continuously got “business messages”.


In some nights, Thang detected that Nam got out of the house through the wall with a prepared coil of rope and came back about 2 hours later.


Receiving Thang’s information, the company sent a member to be on duty and to observe outside. Nam was detected to have come into dance floors, dancing clubs, to have drunk wine and met some strange youths who looked older than him.


The truth about “an obedient older brother”

It was not only a story of a disobedient son but also became a serious problem. Detective Thang had accomplished the mission of clarifying Nam’s parents’ education method.


Healthcare lawyers - Nam had been living under his parents’ severity. Although his family was well-off, his parents did not allow him to use motorbike, did not give him allowance and he had to go to school under their severe control. When he came back home, he was no longer permitted to go out. Moreover, they kept him away from his friends when they called him and prevented him from getting contact with them much, etc.


Extremely affected education for a long time gradually put him under pressure. Nam shared much about it with Thang. Therefore, living together with Thang made him feel happy.


Motorbikes he got derived from relations of his older brother, who was studying overseas. On behalf of his brother, Nam was mobilized to collect football betting money. Even his girl friend was introduced to him by the brother.


VDT investigator – Nearly 2 months later, thanks to Thang’s appearance, Nam started going to school regularly. Thang took Nam to school and pick him up. Suddenly, one night, Nam asked Thang to go with him. There seemed to be a stressed problem after he answered a phone call. Both appeared in a pub on Ba Trieu street. What was surprising, Nam met his older brother right in their homeland. Because of not having collected betting money yet, he flew to Hanoi. In the pub, they had a quarrel stressfully and Nam would have been beaten by his brother if Thang hadn’t been there. After that, the older brother left.


Thang tried to persuade Nam to share his secrets with his parents to get timely resolution. And Nam agreed.


Based on the plan, his family appeared in the pub to see “the obedient oldest son”. The oldest son was advised straightly by his parents and admitted his mistakes.


Two months later, under the pretex for getting a job and finding a new place to live, Thang secretly left Nam’s house, leaving his parents the truths of the two sons.


Detective Thang said he was very glad to know that Nam passed the university entrance exam two years later and the oldest son decided to work in a foreign company when he returned to Vietnam. He had really turned over a new leaf.


Lan H??ng


* Names of the characters were changed.

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