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Forbes magazine recently published a list of the most powerful people in the world, including Chinese President Hu Jintao heads.

Chinese President Hu Jintao

Hu Jintao heads list of 68 people, overtaken Barack Obama – who ranked first in the same list last year and second this year. Magazine lists newly published American prestige.

In his remarks, the editor of Forbes estimates that Mr Hu was “a political power than anyone in the world.”

Power, the world’s second, Mr. Obama, has suffered the failure of Democrats in the mid-term elections in America, and lost the majority in the House.  Senate Democratic majority is only tenuous.

“This is a slide to the position of the power of one of last year, (Mr. Obama) will be hard to implement the reforms proposed for the next two years”, the editors American journal of comment.  “But he can still satisfied with the position as commander in chief of an army of the world’s most powerful leader of a dynamic economy and the largest (on spending) in the world, and the title ‘ leader of the free world.

The third is the Saudi king Abdullah al Saud. Ông ???c mô t? là “. He is described as “the supreme ruler of the desert country holds large reserves of crude oil in the world and the two holiest places of Islam.”

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ranked fourth, while Dmitry Medvedev, the Kremlin bosses No. 12. Two women in the top 10 who is powerful and German Chancellor Angela Merkel Congress party president Sonia Gandhi of India.

Portrait of a People

Hu, 68, was a brilliant student of the prestigious Tsinghua University, famous people with knowledge and management experience.  A long time working in extreme west has contributed to the frankly, the same determination to support the reform and opening.

Hu Jintao, who came from Anhui Province, China, is China’s President, Chairman of Central Military Committee, General Secretary of Chinese Communist Party.

Career path of Mr. Hu reflect the policy of training young Chinese.  He was the youngest member of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, was elected to the Party Central Committee in 1982, when 39.

In 1982, he served as Secretary of the Gansu Provincial delegation.  The management of youth activities reinforce the capacity of Mr Ho.

Moved to Beijing, he became a member of the Secretariat of Communist Youth League Central Committee of China, and is Chairman of China Youth Federation. As leaders of the Central Secretariat team in 1984.

At age 44, Hu was elected secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Committee, was one of the youngest secretary of the country. In 1988, when the situation becomes unstable Tibet, Hu was appointed secretary of the Party Committee of Tibet Autonomous Region.  This is the Tibetan leader the only civilian in the body, Hu predecessors have experienced military.  During his stay in Tibet, Hu has visited many places, experience more severe conditions in the autonomous region.

March 2003, Hu Jintao was elected President of China, made the determination “great rejuvenation of Chinese nation” in the first speech on his new position.  Currently he heads the most populous country in the world, 1.3 billion people, the economy is huge, GDP 4900 billion.

Hu said to be successful in life requires “determination, attention to specific issues and courageous decision.


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